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Indoor plants are a great way to decorate your home and perfect to give a little spark of life to every room. Besides, they are a great way to provide you with calm, provide fresh air and add a cute natural touch. There are plenty of houseplant options, colors, and sizes for every need and style. Consider having this elegant and large plant in an open space like the living room.

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Compost, Soil & Bark Chippings

They have survived the neglect caused by the birth of two babies; two full time working parents with toddlers and the arrival of a plant chewing puppy! I only have one disclaimer; no matter how hardy and low maintenance these plants are, you still need to provide them with the right environmental conditions to thrive!

It has has survived the hardest conditions we could have possibly subjected it to; it moved several times in different light conditions, it moved with us to our new home 9 years ago, it received very little care and water during the crazy busy years of having babies and working full time! I was so impressed with the hardiness of this plant that I chose to buy a second one when I needed to spruce up a pony wall, no pun intended , between our Living Room and Dining Room.

It was the easiest choice to make as this plant, on top of being super hardy, is highly decorative and aesthetically pleasing! This is an absolute no brainer for me! Did you know this plant is a succulent? And as a succulent, it needs little water; every weeks. The Ponytail Palm is an ideal non-toxic succulent plant to have around cats!

This is a plant you should be cautious with if you have young children and pets. The saponins in its leaves are toxic to both pets and humans if ingested. I repotted this plant something like 3 times already! When I brought it back inside in the fall it was all droopy and many stems had yellowed.

But once I brought it back inside, I placed it on this sturdy plant stand and it recovered beautifully, giving me so many new stems! You see this plant in many malls as it thrives in dark areas and with little watering. However, based on my experience, this plant still loves a lot of bright light! The ZZ Plant requires watering every 2 weeks and can go longer without any water as it stores up water in its stems. Among the low maintenance indoor plants, the ZZ Plant is one plant you can push to the extremes of low light conditions.

They are basically impossible to kill, and because of this, highly recommended as low maintenance indoor plants for Black Thumbs! These plants are among the best low maintenance indoor plants that are ideal hangers for moderate to low light environments. In addition to being low maintenance, Spider Plants have many benefits, making it an irresistible plant to buy:. Spider Plants like to thoroughly dry out between waterings and produce many spiderettes that can be used for propagating the plant.

They come in green or variegated varieties as well as curly, like the one shown in the picture here below. The English Ivy likes medium light the best but can do well in moderately low light conditions. Like all variegated species, it thrives and continue to produce variegated leaves with higher light levels. At the same time, do not let the soil dry thoroughly! It is however aesthetically pleasing and fun to create interesting wall or wire designs with its long trailing branches!

This is another plant you want to keep an eye on if you have young children and especially pets, as its leaves and berries are mildly poisonous to humans, cats and dogs. The Baby Rubber Plant, is an easy to care for plant with interestingly shaped, shiny and deep green leaves. I keep mine in a relatively shaded shelf in a South facing room, this way it still gets plenty of light without being exposed to bright, direct sunlight.

It seems like the Rubber Plant thrives in bright but indirect sunlight, however, it does tolerate medium light. I bought this Brazil Philodendron because I was mesmerized by its leaves colours first.

And it has been a great plant for our bathroom! Why did I choose this Philodendron among the many low maintenance indoor plants for our bathroom? In addition to this, Philodendrons thrive in highly humid environments; and what better spot than a bathroom for that? Philodendrons do well in indirect sun to medium light conditions. My Pilea sits by a big North facing window and it has grown significantly in the one year I had it.

Now, this is a great plant to have if you love to experiment with propagation. This plant produces a lot of offsets, new plant shoots , that you can cut off from the mother plant and use to make new plants for yourself or your friends! The Pothos is the definition of low maintenance indoor plants; it is extremely easy to care for and is a very adaptable plant. It can grow in different environmental conditions and different medium, it can be grown in pots of soil or in bowls filled with water!

I have mine in a Kokedama moss ball! It is a beautiful trailing plant that can be shaped to make beautiful compositions on your home walls or table tops. It does well in bright, indirect light as well as low light. Variegated types maintain their beautiful colours and variegation in bright, indirect light. The Pothos does not like direct sun light. Let the soil dry well in between waterings. The plant will tell you when it needs water by drooping its leaves.

It is better to under water than over water this plant. It is a staple in Feng Shui plant decorating practices. Like many other succulents, the Jade Plant needs a lot of bright light and even direct sunlight to thrive.

Low light conditions will induce the Jade Plant to grow leggy. This plant should not be watered on a schedule. Do not allow the soil to dry out completely! The Jade Plant is extremely easy to propagate.

Simply pinch the stems off when the plant is growing leggy or too big and plant those stems directly into a pot of soil. This plant can grow quite old and big, if cared for properly and in the right environmental conditions. I hope this article showing you my favourite low maintenance indoor plants has inspired you to surround yourself and the space in which you live and work with indoor plants!

There are so many beautiful plants out there, with so many benefits for your mind, health and space that are easy to care for and beautify your space immensely.

Cecilia from My Tasteful Space here! Click to take the survey! June 26,Do you love plants but you consider yourself a black thumb? Do you love plants but you are not experienced with indoor plants? And these plants will answer all of the questions above! These are the best low maintenance indoor plants! These are 10 resilient plants! Ponytail Palm beaucarnea recurvata. All this with no sign of distress!

Snake Plant sansevieria trifasciata. ZZ Plant zamioculcas zamiifolia. The ZZ Plant is another notorious plant within the low maintenance indoor plants category. Our ZZ Plant grew incredibly big in 12 years. Like the Ponytail Palm, it has survived many changes in location, care and circumstances. Spider Plant chlorophytum comosum. Spider Plants are extremely adaptable plants that can thrive in many environmental conditions. In addition to being low maintenance, Spider Plants have many benefits, making it an irresistible plant to buy: They can thrive in moderate to low light conditions.

They purifying their surrounding space by removing toxins from the air. They are non-toxic plants safe for children and pets , yes, especially cats! Water approximately once every one or two weeks. Read my other Articles! Health benefits of indoor plants.

English Ivy Hedera helix. Definitely one of the best low maintenance indoor plants for a newbie! Definitely a favourite among the low maintenance indoor plants. Like many other variegated leaves, the less the light exposure, the less the variegation. Philodendrons leaves are toxic to pets if ingested. It loves a lot of indirect sunlight. I water mine once a week. This is by far one of my favourite low maintenance indoor plants! This plant thrives in high humidity but does well in dry environments!

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Awesome Bathroom Plants to Reduce Humidity

This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. We all know the health benefits of spending time in nature. Whether we take walks around the block or head to a state park for the weekend, removing ourselves from the hustle and bustle is a boon to our mental stability. However, people still spend considerably more time indoors than out. Our homes often add to our stress. A way to counteract the stress of spending so much time indoors is by surrounding yourself with houseplants.

Included is a list of the best plants to suit any space indoors. We often wonder what gardening jobs we can do during the plant's non growing times.

The best indoor plants for people who kill plants

If you live in a teeny apartment, you've probably avoided collecting any plants. I mean, that random corner is much better reserved for an IKEA metal bar cart that doubles as a hall closet, right? And it's high time you take advantage of them. That's right! Not only are there small plants abound, but there are literally so many to choose from—not just the five succulents you've seen on your boss's desk! Although there are definitely succulents on this list because they're so dang lovable. As Oprah definitely once said: You get a small plant, and you get a small plant, and you get a small plant! To start you off on your new plant parent journey, I've gathered a list of small houseplants that are relatively easy to care for in tight spots and don't require six feet of space on all sides to thrive.

22 Indoor Plants Perfect for the Small-Space Gardener (and How to Care for Them!)

With all the efforts you put into plants so that they show vigorous growth is understandable. So you must go for those plants which grow quickly and luckily you have come to the right place! Here is the list of some of the eye-catching and fast growing indoor plants! Pothos is probably one of the easiest to grow houseplants!

Much of the scenic beauty of nature has been replaced by densely populated areas that sprawl for miles from urban centers.

Growing Indoor Plants with Success

Gardening is a relaxing and creative activity. It is also a great skill to hone if you have a little bit of free time and some extra space in your home. More and more botanists and experienced gardeners are sharing their knowledge on YouTube and for a good reason. People love watching videos, especially if they are informative and entertaining. In this day and age, finding the right time to read a long article or a book can be a challenge, but watching a YouTube video is much more convenient. Succulents and Sunshine is a very nice and friendly channel created by Cassidy Tuttle, who is a photography enthusiast and, of course, a succulent lover.

10 Best Indian Gardening Channels on YouTube

Learn about indoor houseplants and how to care for them. I started 'Plant One On Me' back in February to help answer houseplant care questions at my kitchen table with my iPhone 7. Since that time, the YouTube channel has expanded in scope and depth, featuring regular episodes that share the beauty of plants with the people who love them. Our mission is to bring people closer to plants by bringing plants closer to them through engaging, entertaining, and educational content. You'll see houseplant tips, home tours, plant unboxings, field trips to botanical gardens, and more on this channel. Canada Just another crazyplantguy who wants to share his urban jungle life with the world. US Follow us to keep up with videos about houseplants from Harli G channel.

I loved the idea of filling my space with the best indoor plants, but I The 12 Best Vlogging Cameras For YouTube And Social Media Offer.

403 - Permission Denied

But now? Having plants simply has a very calming effect, and they naturally brighten my living space, which is also my office. In fact, you could risk over-watering it.

Gardening Australia

Tino explains why there are different styles of garden hoe and shows which is the best one for each job. Millie gets stuck into a perfect summer project, constructing a window box from salvaged timber to create a flower-filled view. Hannah makes a delicious summer garden snack — nasturtium leaf dumplings — using homegrown and homemade ingredients. Watch on iview now. Use the plant finder tool to easily search our online database of stunning colour photographs and informative plant descriptions. Everything you need to know about growing vegies plus helpful information on pests and diseases, weed management, soil health, troubleshooting and more!

As much as we enjoy our houseplants for their pretty leaves alone, it can feel like a truly momentous occasion when flowers appear. Here are some of our favorites for adding extra color and even fragrance to your indoor garden.

In Victorian times, renowned physician Nathanial Bagshaw Ward was pursuing a passion for botany and conducting an experiment with moths, when he discovered that he could cultivate rare ferns inside a bottle. This led him to develop a glass vessel for nurturing imported plant specimens. Traditionally made of curved glass with a tight-fitting lid, a terrarium has a base of gravel, charcoal, moss, and soil, and supports a miniature garden of moisture-loving plants. The plants draw moisture from the soil and evaporate it through their leaves, in a process known as transpiration. Water droplets form and drip down the sides of the container, returning to the soil. In addition to the closed container in which the rain cycle creates a self-supporting mini garden, there are other types of plant arrangements that fall under the terrarium umbrella.

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