Garden planting borders

Garden planting borders

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Plants for dry areas

T he herbaceous border is the ultimate demonstration of gardening skill: a masterpiece of juxtaposed shapes, colours and textures, all reaching a climax in the summer months. It has humble origins in cottage gardens, where flowers for cutting rubbed along with vegetables, but the herbaceous border was dragged, Eliza Doolittle -style, into horticultural high fashion by William Robinson and his book The English Flower Garden.

He proposed moving away from the vogue carpet bedding towards a looser, more natural planting. The style was taken up in the gardens of grand country houses and suburban villas alike, and has been a mainstay of British gardens ever since, mainly because a good one is such a very lovely thing.

See a herbaceous border in full swing and you would imagine botanical knowledge, planting skill and an excellent design eye would be needed to pull it off with aplomb. There is a certain level of knowhow about habits and flowering times that is handy, if not essential, if you are going to plan a border and plant it all up at once.

But there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had from having a plan laid out in front of you and getting all the plants into the ground at once. At the explosive rate herbaceous perennials grow, you could plan today, plant tomorrow and have a fully flowering border within months.

Several sites will give you a good starting point and nudge you in the right direction if you want to have a go at planning your own border. It provides a list of planting styles contemporary, formal, wildlife-friendly and so on and then a list of plants that will help you to create that style. The Burncoose Nurseries website offers a similar service, though it focuses less on borders and more on designing whole gardens. But within each of the planting styles it suggests, it lists 12 suitable plants and encourages you to have a go at designing with them.

For a little more hand-holding, turn to companies that have created ready-planned borders. Garden On A Roll is one that really does everything bar the digging: not only has it designed borders, it has printed the designs on to biodegradable paper, to be laid on the earth and planted through. Cover the paper with mulch and it will soon rot away. It is an excellent way to be guided through the planting process, though the choice of colours and themes is not particularly wide.

Slightly more inspiring to my eyes is the range of border designs from Crocus , which includes such tempting fare as Soft Summer, Azure and Gold, and Lady Marmalade, as well as sensible designs for particular environments, including Shady Sanctuary a magical-looking scheme featuring wild ginger, oak-leaved hydrangea, ostrich fern and lily of the valley , Woodland Edge and Sun Lovers.

But pipping these has to be the new Beth Chatto Gardens Collection , designed by the revered plantswoman to help unconfident gardeners put together borders in tricky areas. Chatto is famous for her beautiful pioneering gardens built on parched gravel and boggy ditches, and so it is just right that she has focused on trouble zones, with collections of drought-resistant plants, moisture and shade lovers. They will help you do right by your awkward spots, and in style.

If even these options worry you, consider getting in touch with a garden designer. Whichever way you go about it, a lack of confidence in choosing your own plants is really no reason to deny yourself a border bursting with colour this summer.

A herbaceous perennial is a hardy plant that dies down in autumn, but only to its roots. These stay alive through winter, and in spring the plant starts into life again. It will put on a huge amount of healthy, fresh growth from these raring-to-go roots in a season, so will very quickly reach flowering size from nothing. It will be in situ for years, so if there are any perennial weeds in the ground when you plant, they can become a real problem. Make sure you clear the ground completely first, taking care to remove all traces of roots.

After a few years, flowering can decrease, but you can rejuvenate the plants by digging them up, splitting them and replanting. Every winter the foliage will die down, leaving dead stems behind.

Keep these in place over winter for small insects to use as homes, then cut down in spring in time for the flush of new growth. Daunted at the prospect of planning a new border? Help is at hand…. A Chris Beardshaw Chelsea show garden is a masterclass in herbaceous borders. Photograph: Alamy. Online guidance Several sites will give you a good starting point and nudge you in the right direction if you want to have a go at planning your own border.

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DIY Network Blog: Made + Remade

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Rather than plant borders all at once, try planting flower bed borders in stages. As with any gardening task, plan ahead and do your.

Secrets to a Beautiful Border

Dig a hole and just put in the plant roots? To ensure plants establish quickly, grow properly and live a long time, you need to take a little more time and effort than that when planting up your beds and borders. Most plants that you buy from your gardening retailer are grown in high organic potting compost, not soil. To match these conditions, your planting hole needs to be enriched with more organic matter to encourage the roots to spread out into the soil. This ensures plants get off to the best possible start, establish quickly and so grow and perform beautifully. Autumn is the best time for planting all permanent hardy plants, especially those that are bare-rooted and are not sold to you growing in a pot. Pot grown plants can be planted any time of year, but autumn and spring give best results. If planting in summer, during hot and dry weather, extra care is needed — especially watering in after planting and watering during dry conditions. For over years, Chelsea Flower Show has been a place where plants have been exhibited and garden designs have been Just as spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils brighten up our gardens with cheer to signal the start of a new growing

10 Design Tips For A Perfect Perennial Border

Would you love a gorgeous garden? Our choice of eight design templates will give you a professionally designed border that will provide colour and interest all year round and more importantly plants that require little maintenance and are likely to survive longer than a few months! Border in a box makes the perfect gift for house-warming, birthdays or any special event, you could even divide up the plant list so everyone can give a thoughtful gift. Whether you call them stocking fillers or stuffers, these tiny treasures can be really exciting, no matter what age you are! Personally, I love creating them and usually customise a […].

In the fall, we often think about what has worked in our garden in the past and the revisions that we want to make next spring.

Beautiful Borders

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Perennial Borders - Gardening Advice

The right planting can transform a garden. Often gardens have been planted in the past with a lot of shrubs which have matured into big blocks of green foliage in the garden which lack interest for a large part of the year and have to be continually cut back to keep them within the boundaries of the borders they occupy. It is all too easy to buy small shrubs in the garden centre which look lovely and interesting in the. In this garden, the owners have looked after their garden which was not overgrown with weeds or out of control. However, even in this case, the garden, which had good hard landscaping and structure showed little interest in the planting with a few shrubs which, in order to keep them under control were shaped into rounded shrubs regularly.

Online Border Planting | Garden Blueprints. experience we will provide you with the perfect Planting Design Scheme, both for new and existing gardens.

Border Plants are accent plants planted along the edges of gardens. These plants come in an array of heights, generally beginning with short varieties of less than 18 inches in the front of the garden and progressing to about 3 feet high in the middle. Garden designers use border plants as elements of a composition as well as artistic components. Often, border plants help blend surrounding areas by creating gentle transitions or connections in the landscape.

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Started in , Oklahoma Proven is a plant evaluation and marketing program designed to help consumers select the best plants for their Oklahoma Gardens. The goal has been to select plants that are tolerant of the varied and challenging environmental conditions found throughout Oklahoma, since using well-adapted plants should lead to greater gardening success and more environmentally friendly gardens. Drought resistance has become an important selection criteria for landscape materials, and many of the selections highlighted in this guide are recognized for their low water usage. The following symbols are used to feature special attributes of the plants. Native: Plant indigenous to the continental U.

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

For this gardener, happiness is rooted in soil and nourished by the successes of seasons past as well as the promise of the future. W hen Elissa Steeves first walked around the Blacksburg, Virginia, house that her husband, Harrison, had purchased, it already had a functional landscape. The yard had long since healed from the construction of the s home. The lawn was established, and the trees offered some shade. It had matured into the kind of yard that has moments of beauty but does not require much beyond regular maintenance.

A border of plants around a vegetable patch can be useful and decorative. Here are ideas for edging plants to surround the kitchen garden. In gardening, a border uses shorter plants at the edge of a planting bed. In a vegetable patch or kitchen garden, border plants can surround it on all sides.


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